Colorful vignettes painted softly with inspiration in hope of recovery blending light humor into adult life confounded by misdiagnosed ADD leading to child abuse drenched under cloudbursts of PTSD.

Complex PTSD is psychological injury resulting from continual abuse. There’s no escape because the abuser is often a parent.
Abusers may have Sadistic Personality Disorder. The hallmark of SPD is that the person enjoys inflicting cruelty upon others.

Interlude: Forward

Curses on this
convoluted learning curve!
Inexplicably, both formatting and
pictures often mysteriously disappear!
Certain words enter into mind regarding my
blogging experience, but I won't repeat them here...

Some faults were due to my own lack of knowledge.
Many revealed Blogger's Fickle Finger of Fate!
Instead of just soley writing true-life stories,

much time has been wasted negotiating
the secrets of web pages whose
language is foreign to me!

Crescent Moon Howling has been
reconfigured over and again
because when any post,
graphic or widget is
laid out precisely,
IT scrambles or
just removes
the items,
IT is!

Fun is
never poked
at other's misfortunes
or tribulations in life, ever,
for they belong to us all as well.
Tales spin patterns laced in designs
of purpose and meaning for all whose
lives have been bedeviled in absurdities.

Every story is original, really happened
a long time ago, and is mindful in sharing

the hope and inspiration I
treasure in abundance


Humor and
occasional silliness

interweave remembrance for
laughter's value during life's struggle to
overcome the fearsome curse of 'Seriousness'.

The inwardly-revealing 'Oblivion Regenerating' produced a
skeleton key that unlatched heavy bolted doors whose barred
windows eclipsed specters of dramas past replayed through
dark creaky hallways from a time when an aspiring
young writer couldn't live in a world created

by dreams in sleep or wakefulness.

The lifeblood of experience was
required to fill in blanks on the
slate of empty self, living
hard each day while
trying to forget
what was
vital to

In recent years
I have re-viewed scenes

not thought about for a long
time and hopefully, retrieve memories
in proper perspective and with relativity.

Journaling assists recovery from C-PTSD and

Sam's stories will remain posted here should
a family member ever wonder who I was,
what happened during my life, or
why I was completely
absent from

myself every
day never to take
life or especially myself
too seriously, and it must be
working because I don't anymore.

Forgive me for injecting a little levity
here and there, but I've spent far too much
time in the maniacal clutches of Seriousness;
I am now linked with life's brighter aspects!

When we can relate emotionally to situations
life tosses our way, we recognize and can
appreciate humor, which lights the
path to other joys of living.

So stop by often for a
diversion that may
bring a smile to
your lips or a

chuckle to
your voice

with warmth
and light at heart.

'Seriousness' is the enemy of life;

it prevents the enjoyment of beauty,
deadens delight attained in self-esteem,

and turns the blessing of love into nightmare...

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