Crescent Moon Howling At The Fool {Reversed}

Colorful vignettes painted softly with inspiration in hope of recovery blending light humor into adult life confounded by misdiagnosed ADD leading to child abuse drenched under cloudbursts of PTSD.

Complex PTSD is psychological injury resulting from continual abuse. There’s no escape because the abuser is often a parent.
Abusers may have Sadistic Personality Disorder. The hallmark of SPD is that the person enjoys inflicting cruelty upon others.

17.} The Soul of the Heart Matters

Development of PTSD is unpredictable and can occur at any age.
The severity and timing of symptoms differs from person to person.
Cases are categorized by the following classifications:
Acute: symptoms present less than three months.
Chronic: symptoms present three months or longer.
Delayed Onset: no symptoms present for at least six months.

16.} Might Be Funny If It Wasn't True

Many have harbored a worldview that they are
different from everyone else, but never dared tell anyone!
Their day-to-day squirm through life’s disorganized chaos in heedless
absorption leaves them questioning the curse of their troublesome lives
as others appear to live effortlessly, and even take theirs for granted!
Attention Deficit Disorder, Inattentive in type, unnoticed
commonly prevails unperceived beyond childhood.

15.} The Story of Cinderella {Told Backwards}

The following photos have been
lurking around my mind for some time.
Who took them why or when is a mystery.
A thread regarding them once thrived with several
people guessing in turn what it was they were looking at.
Allow yourself, now, to become enlightened here along with them….

Interlude: Forward

Curses on this
convoluted learning curve!
Inexplicably, both formatting and
pictures often mysteriously disappear!
Certain words enter into mind regarding my
blogging experience, but I won't repeat them here...

14:} Bailey's Sure Cure For 'Serious'

Is anybody there?

Do you ever feel like
someone's watching you?